Zoom Kamarahou Hand & Body Wash
Zoom Kamarahou Hand & Body Wash

Kamarahou Hand & Body Wash



  • 200 ml
  • Made in NZ

A Gentle, Healing Hand and Body Wash

Pomaderris Kumarahou, has a very high saponin content. Saponin is a surfactant, which means that it can foam into a lather, 100% naturally. Most bodycares contain chemicals to do this. Kumarahou was traditionally referred to as gum diggers bodycare, as the gum diggers of the 1800s would use kumarahou and water to remove kauri gum or tree sap from their hands when they were working. This bodycare is beautifully soft, very healing and 100% natural.

A very natural and soft bodycare.

Perfect for those that find most bodycares too harsh.

Does not strip the skin of natural oils.

Manuka oil content kills bacteria and saponin content remove dirt.

Pomaderris Kumarahou possesses a plant agent called Saponin. This plant agent is a natural surfactant, meaning it can be developed into a bodycarey lather. We do this but also infuse our own anti-bacterial manuka oil into the formulation. This makes for a super cleansing, 100% natural bodycare. It is effective at removing dirt and kills bacteria on the skin without breaking down the barrier of the skin and stripping it of its natural oils.

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