Sustomi, Tasmania

Sustomi, a eco-friendly company started at 2016. It produces beeswax food wraps and other sustainable and reusable food storage goods, aiming to completely get rid of the need for plastic food wrap and keep your food fresh to fresh your day.

Beeswax-covered food wrap, the main feature product is designed of a cotton embedded with a mixture of Tasmanian beeswax; jojoba oil and trees resin. Not only does beeswax food wrap made of 100% natural ingredients, it also helps preventing the risk of air leakage and food contamination.

It is constantly publishing different updated version of its product in attempt to make the product attractive to both people who otherwise aren’t interested in eco friendly products and the enthusiastic fan of sustainable products. Essentially, making the old concept new, it hopes to grow with both the environment and the business market with the public.