Our Story

Our Philosophy

Pimary derives from the word ‘primary’ and ‘pi’ (π). Pi is the constant of a circumference whereas the visual identity of a circle represents a basic unit of living organism and a part of the universe. When we are our soul, we connect to one another. 

About Pimary

Founded in 2013, Pimary has evolved from a treasure hunting corner in Causeway Bay to a greenery store of sustainable products amid Shum Shui Po's traditional local vibe. No matter where we are, Pimary believes that harmony and inner peace lie closest to the Mother Nature, the basic of life. In 2016, Pimary moved to a hidden greenery in Tai Po. A two-story vintage house was turned into a lifestyle concept space by the hands and supports of an enthusiastic Pimary’s family team, consisting of a herb garden, a lounge area for sharing, an open space showcasing farm-to-face products, tablewares and homewares, as well as a private space reserved for residence artists/creators who share Pimary’s belief. The rooftop is the seedbed of originality to embrace everything in nature.

In Pimary, like-minded individuals gather and enjoy arts and culture exchange, wisdom of natural and sustainable living, accompanied by music and books. While herbal tea from New Zealand is infusing love and positive energy.

We commit to explore and develop sustainable lifestyle and bring worldwide quality collection to share with you. Exclusive distributor of Azurlis (NZ), The Herb Farm(NZ), Blue Earth(NZ),EIR (NYC),Tsuno(Australia), Capventure(Dutch),Ecology(Australia), Sambonet(Italy) and Naturally Med(US),Sustomi(Tasmania),If You Care (UK),Mokulock(Japan),Patch(Australia)

You can find our collection from our local retail partner: Pimary Tai Po Concept store and cafe, Pimary The Mills shop, Slowood , Just GreenGreenCommon, Citysuper, Yata , Eslite, Miming Mart, INUF Breaskfast Club HK, B'in SelectOrganic we, Mistybelle, Mrs Organic.