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Zoom Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm
Zoom Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm
Zoom Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm
Zoom Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm
Zoom Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm
Zoom Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm
Zoom Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm
Zoom Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm
Zoom Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm
Zoom Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm
Zoom Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm
Zoom Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm
Zoom Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm
Zoom Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm

Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm

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Zero - by - Sense
A breathing sanitary pad
It is made of the most comfortable and soft functional fabric, which is mildly acidic and close to the intimate skin; without the uncomfortable feeling of rubbing against the plastic film, it is as comfortable as underwear, whether sitting or walking.

  • MIT Made in Taiwan | Developed and produced in Taiwan
  • 2021 Red Dot Design Award

A high-tech membrane that is both waterproof and breathable

Lightweight and instantly absorbent.
Exclusive heat-press lamination with 7 layers, average thickness is only 1.6 mm, weight is only 10~15g.

High skin-friendliness.
The world's first heat-pressure combined with ultrasound technology and a patented functional fabric are used to achieve a "zero stitching" process.
The absence of stitching eliminates menstrual blood leakage, bacteria growth and other common problems associated with menstrual products, and there is no need to worry about discomfort caused by stitching.

Environmentally friendly.
Save 360 disposable sanitary pads per year

Antibacterial power.
Copper is the best anti-bacterial material among metal materials, and Good Cotton has finely fused copper into the yarn to create a 'skin-friendly layer', creating the best protection for the intimate area. SGS certified with a 99.9% anti-bacterial rate, it can significantly inhibit Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans, maintaining an intimate environment where bacteria cannot easily multiply.

7 layers of protection | 好好棉 7 層守護

  1. Spill-resistant coating: impermeable to blood stains
  2. BOTTLE RECOVERED YARN TOP LAYER: Lightweight and smooth lining, with no perceptible difference in thickness to the copper fibre interface
  3. Copper fiber skin-friendly layer: copper fiber material, antibacterial, odor suppressing, non-stick, good comfort
  4. Antibacterial absorbent cotton layer and core: DuPont silver ion antibacterial fibre, fast absorbing and easy to wash
  5. PU waterproof and breathable membrane: microporous polymer breathable waterproof membrane, good waterproof and good breathability
  6. BOTTLE RECOVERY YARN NON-SLIP BOTTOM: A unique hook-and-loop weave that provides full slip control when fastening the cotton to the underwear.


How to clean | 清洗的方式 

The surface is made of antibacterial, washable copper fibre. The cotton can be washed by hand or by machine. We suggest 4 simple ways to wash.

  1. Rinse the blood with the shower head until it is clean, with more gentle pressure for darker stains
    Wet and scrub directly with a neutral detergent until clean
  2. Soak in a basin of water and wait for the residual blood to melt out, then scrub gently until clean
  3. Rinse off most of the blood and put in the washing machine. We recommend using a laundry bag to extend the life of the cotton.
  4. After washing, simply press dry with a towel or place in a laundry bag in the washing machine and let dry naturally. If the weather is good, you can reuse them in about 4 hours.

Holdmepad Sanitary pad XL - 36cm


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