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免費即日送貨服務<購物滿 $1000 並於星期一至五中午2點前完成下單>

免費即日送貨:購物滿HK $1000 並於星期一至五下午2點前完成下單 可享免費即日送貨

⌂ 秋日養膚美學系列 選購任何 2 件或以上即時 85 折優惠 ⌂

Zoom A01 Camellia seed powder (Sold Per 10g)
Zoom A01 Camellia seed powder (Sold Per 10g)
Zoom A01 Camellia seed powder (Sold Per 10g)

A01 Camellia seed powder (Sold Per 10g)

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  • Minimum of purchase 100g (最少選擇數量10=100g)


    • Make camellia seed powder water - Please pour 1 cup camellia seed powder into warm water. Stir slowly to dissolve.
    • Shampoo - Rinse hair and scalp with warm water. Then wash hair and scalp with camellia seed powder water. Leave it in full contact with the scalp, massage gently, then rinse with water.
    • Clean face/body - Apply evenly on face and body. Then rinse with warm water. Wash your face quickly with camellia seed powder water.


    Note)  Do not use force do not force gently touch stretching.

    Note)  Keep your eyes away from each other. In case of contact with eyes, please rinse with water.

    camellia tea seed powder uses

    • When washing dishes and chopsticks, add a spoonful of cleaning powder to hot water and immerse the dishes and chopsticks, which can quickly remove oil stains. Or dip tea seed powder with dishwashing cloth, gently wipe dishes and chopsticks, and then rinse with clean water, which is easy to wash and clean.
    • Soaking vegetables and fruits in water mixed with tea seed powder can decompose and remove pesticide residues and eat safer.
    • When taking a bath, add three tablespoons of tea seed powder to the bathtub. It can not only clean the skin, but also kill skin fungi, prevent skin diseases and protect skin health.
    • Washing your hair with tea seed powder can remove dandruff, relieve itching, prevent dark hair from falling off, and make your hair soft and shiny after washing.
    • Soaking feet with tea seed powder can clean skin and kill foot germs.
    • Cleaning gold and silver ornaments: mix an appropriate amount of tea seed powder with water, soak it for ten minutes and rinse it with clean water, that is, it is as bright as new and has no corrosion to the ornaments.
    • Watering flowers with tea seed powder can kill insects, sterilize and increase fertilizer efficiency.

    About particle size:
    Camellia oil grains are camellia seeds crushed from the natural products. There are differences in hardness of the grains.
    Even if the use of camellia oil grains feel the same granularity, fibrous hard powder (seed skin) will feel rough.

A01 Camellia seed powder (Sold Per 10g)



購物滿 $400可享免費本地送貨服務

A. 訂單金額滿HK$400(以折實價計算),將提供免費送貨。
B. 訂單金額不足HK$400(以折實價計算),顧客需支付HK$50或以上(運費視乎訂單的重量及地區)
因應疫情持續嚴峻,一般訂單會於7-14個工作天送達。 客人亦可選擇附加HK$100加急即日送貨服務。
C. 訂單金額滿HK$1000 (以折實價計算),並於星期一至五中午2點前完成下單,可享即日免費送貨服務。
我們會選用Pickuup或順豐速運送貨服務,客人可以選擇送貨到 工商業或住宅地址。結帳時,客人須於頁面的「送貨地址」欄目中填寫正確的收件人信息,以便我們安排發貨,按時將貨品送到客人指定的地點。


付款完成後貨品出現缺貨問題 將以store credit的方式全額退還


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