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Pre-Lanuch Opening

Pre-Launch Opening 25.06-31.07.2016 11am-7pm

In a hidden greenery in Tai Po. Nature lays on your plate and your skin. Flipping a page is to play a harmonious tune with cicadas and sparrows. Pimary welcomes you to the pre-launch opening of a living concept space that encourages you to slow down, breathe in positivity and lead a sustainable life. On the ground floor, apart from growing herbs in the garden, we serve tea blended with love and soul. Relax - there’s always something to listen and read. Walking up the staircase is a showcase of farm-to-skin products as well as a private space for residence artists/ creators who share the belief. The rooftop is the seedbed of originality, creativity and sharing where you can embrace everything in nature, from insects to the galaxy.
大埔蘆慈田村,有聽過嗎? 那裏來了一家人,他們愛上大自然,與它為鄰 過着優悠、和諧的日子 他們更希望營造一個聚腳點,與志同道合分享慢活、永續、靈性的生活方式。 Pimary是一幢70年代興建的復古小屋 地下,除了香草園,我們泡茶,伴碟的總是書本與音樂。 一樓,開放的空間展示了從農田到肌膚之天然護膚品。私人空間則預留與Pimary 理念相若的創作人。 天台,專為孕育創意和分享而設。天台之上就容你擁抱穹蒼,或由小昆蟲擁抱你。

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