• Size : 58 x 118 cm
  • A fun way to learn the letters and give them color. All the letters of the alphabet are hidden in this super drawing of Javirroyo. An amazing design whether you want to leave it in black and white or if you want to give it color. You will find all the letters but you will also find a lot of super funny details camouflaged.
  • Do you dare to look for them? This coloring wallpaper is made of an incredible material: it works just like normal wallpaper, but instead of using glue to put it on the wall, you can apply it directly on it!
  • The installation is a clean and easy process, to have adhesive on the back. It is very easy to place and most importantly ... it is repositionable. You can remove it, and put it back as many times as you want, without damaging your walls!
  • Of course, do not let five years pass to change it and watch your wall is in good condition, so there will be no problems.

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