Zoom Serax - HEII Mug
Zoom Serax - HEII Mug
Zoom Serax - HEII Mug

Serax - HEII Mug


A great lovefor Japanese cuisineinspiredDutch designer Marcel Wolterinck to create his Heii collection for Serax.The trays, plates, bowls, coffee cups, glasses and cutlery embody the meaning of their Japanese name: simplicity and convenience.The collection is modular, the ratios are proportional, and all items are nicely attuned to one another.
The Heii cups are available in four sizes to suit an espresso, cappuccino, lungo, and latte or tea. Distinctive of the Heii collection are the two versions in white porcelain and grey smoked glass. The eye-catching handles follow the shape of the porcelain underplate.

  • D8 H8.5 (25 CL)
  • Designer:  Marcel Wolterinck
  • Material:  porcelain
  • Dishwasher Safe

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