Zoom Purely Plantain Chips Nice and Spicy (75g)

Purely Plantain Chips Nice and Spicy (75g)


Thick cut, smooth-textured, full-flavoured, classic slices of selected plantains with a warm piquant chilli flavouring. They also contain 30% less fat than potato crisps on average.

Plantains Chips ? Banana Chips 

We still get asked all the time if our chips are bananas… Plantains are the more nutritious cousin of the banana, originally from Southeast Asia they have travelled to places far and wide.

(over 35,000,000 Metric tonnes of plantains are grown every year)

In Africa, plantains and bananas provide more than 25% of the carbohydrate requirements for over 70 million people. There 930 milligrams of potassium in a 1-cup cooked serving of plantains, accounting for 27 percent of your recommended daily value.


Purely Makes Sustainable Snack

We source our plantains from small farmers in a sustainable way and make them in Portoviejo. Our goal is to support the local economy and provide income for plantations.

We only use natural ingredients, no nasties and no palm oil.

Help us on our mission to create a sustainable and tasty range of snacks!



Once opened is advised to consume the product in one day


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