• Size: 30 x 39cm
  • By Javirroyo‚ 
  • If you get bored of seeing the same decoration every day this material allows you to change it in a moment. Your house will look new every day. It sounds weird or even an exaggeration but it's true.
  • In Chispum we have a material that is magical. We call it magnetic and vinyl but it's neither. It is a completely ecological material, does not carry glue and adheres to any surface. It can be used on a wall with a little texture, wood, glass, mirror, metal ... and even on paper. Yes, although it seems a lie, by not wearing adhesive you can place it on notebook paper or wallpaper (like one of the images we show you) and you can remove it and put it as many times as you want.
  • Play with these colorful pieces, a super original design and decorative trend of the moment. Play to be an abstract artist and give a different touch to your house. And remember, when you get bored, simply change the order of the pieces or place them in another space.

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