• One of the most beautiful nights we all remember is when you lie on the ground, look at the sky and see all the stars. It's time to try to catch a shooting star and ask for a wish, until your neck hurts from so much looking or you get sleepy and cold, all at once.
  • To remember such cool moments that you can watch from your bed, we have prepared this vinyl almost as magical as a starry night. In the small size of 28 x 31 cm, you will find two plates with 5 constellations in total and in the big size there are 17 constellations. We give you the Big Dipper and the rest of constellations you can place it to your liking.
  • Ahhhh and we forgot a surprise: during the day you will have some precious and minimalist stars on your wall but ... at night ... the circles inside the stars light up so you can ask for all the wishes you want.

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