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Ecology Acacia Silicone Whisk

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We've taken the humble kitchen utensil and turned it into a thing of beauty. Provisions delivers a comprehensive range of functional and inspired kitchen utensils and accessories. The silicone range of utensils feature flexible silicone heads that are heat resistant from -40 degrees up to 270 degrees.

The Ecology Provisions Acacia Silicone egg whisk brings a touch of nature to your kitchen. With a non-slip handle crafted from natural, fast-growing acacia wood, and a whisk made from durable and high quality silicone, the Ecology Provisions Silicone whisk is perfect for all your whisking and whipping needs.


Care instructions

The natural grain and colour of the acacia wood means every piece has its own unique look. This material will age with use. We recommend regular oiling with vegetable oil to ensure longevity. Hand wash recommended with warm soapy water and air dry. Do not soak.

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