Chispum, Spain

Chispum, the combination of Creativity, Humor, Innovation and Salt. Chispum is a cheerful brand that produces large varieties of Wall Sticker for decorations. They use eco-ink in their manufacturing process. Besides normal colorful stickers, it also gives choices such as Coloring Book Stickers and Magnet stickers which are of great innovation. Especially for the Magnet collection, It is a completely ecological material, does not carry glue and stick on any surface. People could even stick it on paper and take it off as many times as you want. They hope people smile whenever they enter the room with their stickers; kids could utilize their creativity without any limitation and boundaries, ideas and stories could be told beyond paper.
From time to time, they will cooperate with authors to release new collections of Stickers. You can change the atmosphere of your room based on season, festival and your change of emotions. It encourages the users to create their own adventure. Stickers that has been on the wall for three years could be removed without any inconvenience as recommended by the manufacturer.

The Stickers are designed and then print out by machine. Afterwards, it requires loads of labor power as each sheet of the stickers are carved out by their staff.

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